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The World’s Strongest Passports Ranked by Mobility

The World’s Strongest Passports Ranked by Mobility Various experts have launched a real index on global passport rankings. The Global passport ranking of any nation is not calculated on visa-free access but mobility, investment scope, and quality of life at each destination. The visa-free passage is not a good value given to any destination based on its citizens’ lifestyle, investment opportunities, economy, crime rates, etc. The passport index team collects data and scrutinizes it to rank countries in a prosperous manner. A strong passport is not based on travel and tourism. In recent global commercial mobilization, people are observing investment opportunities outside and willing to settle abroad. Various challenges come while selecting the right nation for investment in terms of life quality and investment opportunities.

Measures Taken During the Preparation of Global Passport Ranking Index

With knowledgeable experts who have previously analyzed big data projects of UNESCO, Inter-American Development Bank, and OECD, the Global passport index depicts new criteria to calculate the overall lucrative facilities of each country for immigration, citizenship, and investment opportunities. These parameters consist of the Investment index, quality of life index, and Superior mobility index. Each index makes users track and find out individual national rankings using 11 different criteria obtained from sources like the Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy, Gallup, and the World Economic Forum.

Global Passport Index prepares the top ten passport rankings mentioned below.

  • USA
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • The Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • New Zealand

Global Passport Index has also made available a newly developed platform for users to measure and get the rankings prepared by individual indexes. The USA is ranked 23rd in the quality of life index, fourth in the investment index, and tenth in the mobility index. Each index carries 50% for mobility, 25% for Quality of Life, and 25% in investment with a total score of 96.4%,  ranking the USA  at the top by the Global Passport Index out of all countries across the globe. For instance, if you look at Investment and Mobility Indexes, Singapore is at the top rank. In comparison, Asian nations are ranked 130th in the Quality of Life index because of the rate of lifestyle, which is bigger than the

United States of America and Sweden.

The top country in the World Index is Sweden because of its high score in the six sectors, including the Sustainable Development Goals index, the Freedom, and the World Happiness index. Sweden is the thirty-first in the investment opportunities criteria and 15th in mobility, obtaining the sixth position in the overall Global Passport Index. The rank of United Kingdom is seventh in the overall passport rankings. The UK is in the eighth position in the Quality of Life index, sixteenth in the Investment index, and thirty-two in the mobility index.

The three broad ranking calculator provides an amazing view of mobility and the nation’s attractiveness through several points taken from various fields. Special care is added while creating global passport ranking because countries offering visa-free travel can’t decide their passport rankings. There are several areas where a country’s people’s living standard, crime occurrence rate, mobility, investment, economy, culture, etc., decide its passport ranking in the global passport index. So, these are the top ten passport-ranked countries listed above chronologically. For more information visit:-

Dr. Roberto de Pinho, one of the two senior analysts behind the Global Passport Index comments:  “The overall objective of this project was to develop a quantitative tool that could provide useful information on how countries rank on a number of dimensions relating to their attractiveness as destinations to relocate to or obtain citizenship.”


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