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Attorney’s Office Investigating Trump Organization Golf Course Tax Scam

US Former President Donald Trump was already under accusation and now facing a new criminal inquiry. District Attorney General at Westchester County office has ordered the legal inspection of the former president’s business activities and properties. Former US President is facing a financial investigation on golf course company’s property. Recently, the Westchester County office in New York has ordered to testify records admitted from the golf course club. Trump National Golf Course Club and the town of Ossining, situated on a north hillside of a New York City, is under investigation to know if Trump officials have deceived local officials about the property value into getting a reduction in taxes. In his statement of Wednesday, Trump Organization has announced that it seems inappropriate to look for a lower tax bill was the totally wrong and irresponsible act of Attorney, Westchester County, New York. Kerry A. Lawrence has imposed this statement, the lawyer of the Trump Organization. Still, the Attorney’s office strengthened the law prosecution inspection on Trump Organization and his family business. Manhattan criminal investigation is searching for financial and tax properties.

Investigation Progress of Westchester County Office on Trump

Manhattan lawyers have charged Trump Organization and its most Senior Chief failed to pay taxes on employee privileges like houses, cars, etc., in July 2021. In the Manhattan case, Trump was not charged, and the same was expected from New York Attorney General, in which investigation is carried on with the same subject. The lawyers have desired to pressure Trump’s chief to collaborate against Mr. Trump. A separate investigation is also continued along with the golf course property case when Trump tried to reverse Georgia’s election result last year. Mr. Trump has opposed the wrong politically motivated action through investigation and blamed New York’s attorney general Letitia James and the Manhattan attorney, Cyrus R.Vance Jr. (Democrats). Trump Organization spokeswoman has avoided commenting on the investigation. Elliot B. Jacobson heads the Westchester official investigation spent more than three decades as a lawyer in the Southern District. He has also worked with Ms. Rocah to investigate a white-collar crime at White Plains Office. He arrived after retirement in February to operate with Ms. Rocah’s at the public corruption bureau and code case unit before handling of Trump Organization investigation.

Mr. Vance, whose case is moving differently than the Westchester inquiry, has taken the assistance of former federal prosecutor Mark Pomerantz for his office’s investigation on Mr. Trump. Mr. Pomerantz and Mr. Jacobson, recently popular defense lawyers, are associated in this case without any payment. No similarity is seen in both investigations where Mr. Vance and Ms. James observe the case of private property owned by Mr. Trump. No signs of Mr. Vance and Mr. James being observed in golf course investigation or their investigations are disturbing Trump organization case investigation. Mr. Vance is positioned for other investigations, but the Trump organization case manipulates property value to obtain loans and tax perks. Ms. Rocah has questioned the Trump organization statement where one of the 16 golf properties is also included in this investigation. According to customary law, the higher your property value, the bigger your tax bill would be. But, Trump’s Ossining town property decided a less value to challenge the long tax bill assessment, and the investigation is progressing on this matter. Since 2015, the Trump club has appealed its tax bill in the court per year, encouraging a protest in the Ossining area where hundreds of protestors marched in 2017 shouting “Pay Your Share.” To cut the tax bill, the golf club argued its property rate much less as determined by Ossining officials. It’s a common technique implemented by other Ossining golf clubs, not only Trump’s golf club.

Trump has estimated its property value at $1.4 million, but Ossining citizens have measured property worth $15 million. Ms. Rocah prosecutors compared club worth submitted to Ossining officials with other justification notes submitted by Trump about property’ value. For example – Trump has submitted in federal disclosure form that the property was worth about $50 million. Trump administration has determined big tax figures for the steps taken by the investigation team, which is completely different than calculating the property value tax. Few local golf operators have mentioned that they have routinely discussed and proposed lower tax figures genuinely to appeal from Ossining officials because misleading tax officials may destroy their properties. So, Trump officials have also said that they have no intention to misguide the tax team of Ossining town. Ossining’s town supervisor has also mentioned in her statement that they believe in the best settlement rather than inviting costly proceedings with an uncertain outcome. She has also notified that they have made a settlement in a value nearer to town officials’ tax bill rates. So, they have already compromised with town officials, as mentioned in documents and evidence. They never refused to pay taxes, but Attorney General took inappropriate action against Mr. Trump, Ossining Supervisor have told in her statement.


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