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Blumenthal Calls Mark Zuckerberg to Testify about Instagram Impacts on Teens

Senator Richard Blumenthal has called Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO or the Head of Instagram, to test the platform’s ability to protect children from harmful posts. Quoting internal company documents Frances Haugen leaked, Senator Blumenthal has addressed that Facebook has hidden some crucial information about teen mental health and addiction. Blumenthal also complained that Mr. Haugen had given false and misleading information, which remained doubtful and unresolved. About leaked documents, one of the popular newspapers has depicted that Facebook is still researching the harmful impacts of Instagram posts on its young users from the past three years.

Justification by Facebook Upon Harmful Impacts of Instagram on Teens

The researches highlight that Instagram can damage young mental health and body image especially teenaged young girls. Overall, lawmakers pressure has forced Instagram to redesign its plans for introducing its platform for young children under 13. Some days before, the Facebook head of Safety, Antigone Davis, testified on Instagram in front of the Senate Sub commercial Committee and informed that such controversy could stop the project. Blumenthal has admitted that Davis has provided false and inappropriate evidence and attempted to cover up its research wisely. Davis has replied that Facebook hasn’t stopped access to documents and following her office if such changes came into existence. However, various media reports have addressed that Facebook has locked down access to documents and restricted scrutiny and transparency to investigating team.

Such discussions between Blumenthal and Facebook staff have been reported in various newspapers. Senator Blumenthal has called Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to appear in front of the committee to justify whether Instagram is harmful to children or not. This incident is called upon by the complaint received by one of the Facebook employees and her criticism. Parents are disturbed in the USA and other nations about an Instagram app that can disturb their children’s mental health and wellbeing. These worrying parents wish to know the truth about the Instagram app, whether it is safe for their children or not. The public discomfort and verification of tech-giants have grown in the last week, but the focus of everyone landed on Zuckerberg, who is holding a 50% partnership in Facebook. The issue came to light when MS Haugen leaked Facebook’s Instagram policies, criticized Facebook for prioritizing profit over safety, and called tech-giant dishonest to remove hate and discrimination publicly. Ms. Haugen has said that responsibility lies with only Mark because the dispute ends with him. On Tuesday, Columbia district’s attorney general added Zuckerberg as an accused in 2018 case of misusing users’ data without their permission. These two critics are also waiting for the reply of Mark Zuckerberg. However, various issues were raised before concerning the privacy policy of Facebook but resolved frequently meeting its users’ interests. So, it is believed that Mark Zuckerberg is liable and capable of replying well to Blumenthal sub-commercial committee soon. However, there is no information from the tech-giant head center but waiting for their quality and publicly acceptable information about Instagram. Please put a light on this contradict whether Instagram is harmful to teens or not as per your own experience.


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