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Ten Fascinating Facts About Your Favourite Horror Movies

Horror Movies in October, and Halloween is on arrival. It means that we have collected some favorite scary movies on our list and joined them to play them during this full month. Before you move up to watch these horror movies in dim light and with popcorn in your hands, let’s improve your horror knowledge with some interesting, scary movies listed below.

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  1. Freddy Kruger’s Character Was Not The First Choice of Robert Englund Horror Movies

Wes Craven informed that he wanted to have a stuntman to play the everlasting character Freddy Kruger but opted to move with some masterly actor. Previously, he wanted to employ a famous and prominent British actor David Warner seen in Titanic, Time Bandits, several abstracts of Start Trek, etc. Warner had to accept the project, but his rejection opened the entry for Robert Englund.

  1. Psycho, The First Hollywood Movie Featured A Toilet

Apart from being the first American movie, Psycho displayed a toilet horror scene. It is the first moment when Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho has used a toilet flush, and Americans are surprised and unmoved after watching it.

  1. Stephen King Haven’t Experience What Expected from The Shining Horror Movies

Stephen king has reviewed in Playboy magazine about The Shining worse part. In his review, he mentioned Stanley for his disappointing play because he had expected a lot from Stanley, but the end scenes shocked King. A few abstracts of the movie displayed a non-stop restricted terror, but others have gone unexpected. King had questioned the casting of Jack Nicholson though he is a fine actor but played an inappropriate part in the movie. King had informed about John Nicholson for his last big role played in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest movie where his unwanted expressions had made the audience declare him mad from the start.

But the movie was based on the gradual fall of the character into madness due to the negative impact of negligence. King also informed us that a little bit of knowledge could waste your efforts.

  1. Long Time Behind Aliens Release

A question came from the audience about seven years long time invested in releasing the sequel of Aliens. It happened because a dispute was created between the film producers and 20th Century Fox studio to distribute Aliens’ profit. The Studio was unwilling to direct a movie’s sequel because it could be costly, but they agreed to produce and launch it after a settlement with the film producers. After the release of Aliens, film producers James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd appealed to Fox to pay them their amount. They also claimed that Studio had used creative accounting tricks to stop their profit payment.

  1. Brian Hasn’t Seen Spacek As Carrie

The famous American Director has shared an interesting review about the character Carrie. Jack Fisk, the husband of Sissy Spacek, was appointed to take audition for Carrie’s part. He said that he had never expected Sissy Spacek for Carrie’s character but an incident made to employ her. Still, Brian De Palma was unknown about Sissy Spacek because she was already performing Rolling Stone. Spacek had given an audition in her old dress worn by her during school days with greasy hair. Before John Fisk reviewed her participation in the movie, Brian and Spacek had rushed off from there.

  1. 9 Minutes Lost Footage of Night of the Living Dead Unearthed by George Romeo in 2015

When George Romeo was attending Monster-Mania Con in Maryland, George Romeo announced that he had got some missed-out footage of the Night of the Living Dead movie. He had found it in the basement in 2015. The 16mm print depicted the largest zombie scene in the movie, and it was almost nine minutes.

  1. Ed Gein, A Serial Killer, Opened the Opportunity for Three Major Horror Movies

Everyone is aware of Ed Gein. His horror house was inspected and found some mind-shocked collections of human body parts and skin before he was admitted into the mental hospital for his unexpected human actions. He has inspired some of the most iconic thrillers like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, etc. Among the items discovered on Wisconsin farm were ten human skin masks, four noses, numerous decategorizing heads, bowls, lampshades made of skin, and nipple belts. Finally, he has accepted only two murders and these items are the result of burial rushes made by him.

  1. A Specific Mask Can’t Explain Halloween Characters in Horror Movies

Michael Myers’s mask displayed the colorless look of a character. The movie explored two masks that were painted white and cost-effective elastic masks. One was a dummy mask defining a foolish character, which was made fashionable by the actor Emmet Kelly. Captain Kirk wore another mask in the Star Trek movie. The craftsman had selected a white-painted Kirk mask because of its fearful focus suitable to Myers’s character.

  1. The Blair Witch Horror Movies Character Used GPS Trackers to Obtain Their Instructions for the Day

GPS unit has a production program for the Blair Witch movie’s actors to find three milk boxes with three canisters. Each plastic canister has a few instructions for each character. After going through these instructions, actors can modify the dialogue according to the notes given to them.

  1. The Evil Dead Made John Coen As An Assistant Editor

Oscar has awarded John Coen and his brother for excellent film direction. John Coen has made use of the opportunity given by The Evil Dead. Both have directed a pitch trailer to raise funds for their first movie, Blood Simple. Bruce Campbell played the lead role for 2 minutes in place of Dan Hedaya.

These fascinating facts about some actors and movies have changed the momentum during their release. Fans have loved a lot to read these fascinating facts before watching these horror movies with scary scenes.

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