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Bangladesh Police Identify the Man Behind Quran Incident Which Triggered Violence

The ‘blasphemous incident’ which created havoc in Bangladesh during the Duga Puja week has started to diminish. The Bangladesh Police has identified the man responsible for provoking the riots and inciting violence that resulted in attacks on Durga Puja pandals in Comilla and other places.

An estimate of 66 houses were damaged, and Hindus in Bangladesh were tortured. As per the police statement, they have identified the man behind the chaos. The man in question is Iqbal Hossain. Being identified from the CCTV camera footage, it is seen that he was taking the Quran from a local mosque and then walked into a Durga Puja venue in Comilla. The 35-year-old seated the holy Quran at one of the Durga Puja pandals on October 13, which led to violence. During the relentless violence, three people were killed, and a large number of Hindus were tortured. Comilla’s Superintendent of police, Farooq Ahmed, told Dhaka Tribune that the name of the man is Iqbal Hossain from the Sujanagar area of the city.

In accordance with the Dhaka Tribune’s report, the police identified Hossain after analyzing the video footages of the CCTV cameras installed at the Durga Puja venues. Later, he was seen walking away with the club of Lord Hanuman.

According to Ahmed’s statement, the police will hold a briefing on Thursday when more details will be shared.

After the post surfed on social media, the attacks on Hindu temples have intensified in Bangladesh. When the Quran was shown kept in a Durga Puja pandal, it ignited violence within the people of Bangladesh. This commencement of riots resulted in the killing of three people and the destruction of around 66 houses. Late on Sunday, 20 houses of Hindus were set on fire by a mob.

The police estimated that approximately 450 suspected temple attackers had been arrested till now for the Comilla incident, and surprisingly enough, four of them are Hossain’s associates. On Tuesday, Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, instructed her home minister to initiate immediate action against those responsible for inciting violence in the name of religion. Since she asked the people not to trust anything spreading on social media without fact-checking, people still created chaos.

In Bangladesh, Hindus make up some 10 percent of the Muslim majority of the 169 million population. Comilla Superintendent of Police Farooq Ahmed identified the main culprit Iqbal Hossain. He said it’d not observed any political engagement on this case or culprit. Iqbal’s mother has said that her son is a drug-lover and used various methods to torture his family. He loved to stay at several holy places across the country. She has also said that her son has had some psychological issues for the last ten years as her neighbors also see this condition. They knew her son very well about her mental condition.

According to Dhaka Police, since Friday, Raihan has helped them search and catch Iqbal hossain, his elder brother. Iqbal’s family has also declared that if he is declared by the Nation court guilty in this case, then he must be punished for such disturbance. Bangladesh Home Minister Mr. Khan has also notified authorities that Dhaka Police have identified the suspect. He will be caught soon. But, we can’t confirm whether this case against Hindus has a political connection or not. If it is, then it’s really an ashamed act by Bangladesh against Hinduism.


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