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Things to do in πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ Dubai all Around the πŸ“… Year

Dubai is probably the best-known tourist destination in the entire Middle East. Best known for its high-rise buildings, towering structures, spectacular architecture, and magnificent engineering. Considered a cosmopolitan metropolis, Dubai offers many options, be it tours, travel, sightseeing, food, cruises, etc.

With multiple offerings, Dubai invites you to participate in the adventure it holds. With so many possibilities, Dubai leaves you spoilt for choices. Something or the other can always be done in Dubai all around the year.

What can you do in Dubai?

With innumerable options to choose from and a multitude of tourist attraction offerings, here’s what you can do in Dubai all around the year:

Burj Khalifa

🀝 A Memorable Visit to Burj Khalifa: There might not be a single soul on this planet that hasn’t heard of the famous Burj Khalifa. Captured in the imagination of numerable Bollywood and Hollywood movies is the fabled Burj Khalifa. Amongst the myriad architectural marvels of Dubai, Burj Khalifa probably stands the tallest. Visiting the world’s tallest tower should be on the bucket list of every person visiting Dubai. Standing at 828 meters, it proudly boasts of being the world’s tallest building.

Dubai Museum of Illusion:

🀝Marvel at the world of illusions at Dubai Museum of Illusion: Are you game for some tricks and illusions. Then the Dubai Museum of Illusions is the thing for you. Dubai’s Museum of illusions, the world’s biggest Museum, is set to thrill and entertain you with its awe-inspiring illusions and tricks. A spectacle that will leave you surprised by tricking your eyes and entertaining your mind.

Dubai Mall

🀝Go Shopping at Dubai Mall: The Dubai Mall, one of the largest malls in the world, is situated near the Burj Khalifa. It is a haven for leisure-seekers, a haven for shopaholics, and of course, culinary heaven. Aside from the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Ice Rink, KidZania Dubai, and VR Park Dubai, it features many shops, various dining options, and many other entertainment alternatives. Situated in the heart of downtown Dubai is the Dubai Mall. One of the largest malls in the world, it is the go-place for all the shoppers out there. With a footfall of 100 million a year, it houses more than 1200 retail outlets and over 200 restaurants.

🀝The Fountain Show in Dubai: This fountain performance on Burj Lake outside of Dubai Mall will steal your breath away with its complex harmony of water, light, and music, making it a must-see for all age groups. It is a free attraction unless you want to view it from a prime location like the Burj Lake Abra Ride, Dubai Fountain Boardwalk, or a restaurant facing it.

🀝Go Fine Dining: There is no scarcity of the nicest and most distinctive dining establishments in Dubai, the city of wealth, where extravagance reaches great heights. The most opulent eateries can be found there, including Armani/Amal, Eauzone, Nobu Dubai, Social by Heinz Beck, and many others. Even if you’re traveling alone, one of the nicest things to do in Dubai is fine eating. Enjoy authentic Middle Eastern flavors right here. Additionally, there is no better option than a yacht charter in Dubai if you truly want something special regarding the food and sights. It’s interesting to learn that renting a boat in Dubai enables you to participate in various activities while cruising. Witness the diversity of Arabic cuisine on offer.

Dubai Aquarium's Aquatic World
Dubai Aquarium’s Aquatic World

🀝Dubai Aquarium’s Aquatic World: More than 33,000 aquatic animals from more than 140 species call the Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall home. Rays and 400 sharks are also present in the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater. With a 10 million liter water capacity, it is also the biggest aquarium in the world. Additionally, a 48-meter tunnel offers a variety of experiences, including diving, swimming with animals, and glass-bottom boats. Due to its year-round accessibility, the Dubai Aquarium is a great destination for families.

Dubai Frame

🀝 Dubai Frame: One of the top tourist attractions is the Dubai Frame at Zabeel Park. The picture frame is allegedly the biggest in the entire world. It is set up so that visitors may see the splendor of both traditional and contemporary Dubai. Yes, you can see Dubai’s magnificent monuments from one side while seeing the older side from the other. Since the Dubai frame is composed of glass, numerous famous sites are visible.

Museum of Future

🀝 Museum of Future: A newer addition to the tourist attractions in Dubai, the Museum of future is something that will surely leave you in awe. As the name suggests, the Museum of Future seems like a thing of the future, and it looks like a futuristic film set to explore and interact with you. Even the building of the Museum is an architectural marvel, and you must visit it.

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