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7 Ways you can Easily Resolve the QuickBooks Not Opening Error

A lot of people benefit significantly from QuickBooks not opening errors. This includes accounting professionals, entrepreneurs, and also people who come from a non-business background.

Furthermore, the tool is easily able to integrate with multiple accounting and bookkeeping applications as well as perform all those tasks. It is almost unimaginable to work without QuickBooks.

While performing important tasks, what would you do if your QuickBooks took like forever to open? For somebody doing important work such as taxes, invoices, payments, etc, it could turn out to be a nightmare.

The error causes delays and is extremely frustrating at times. In this blog, we are going to provide you assistance with all the aspects of the “QuickBooks not opening error issue”.

We are going to give you a detailed guide to the different aspects of this particular issue.

QuickBooks not Opening Error: When Does it happen?

As soon as you try opening the company file, this particular issue might affect your system. Clicking on a company file prevents you from accessing it.

As soon as you do this, an error message is displayed on the screen that says ”QuickBooks won’t open error”.

Once you get this error, you start experiencing other issues such as;
1.) Your output devices stop responding
2.) The system becomes slow or sluggish
3.) You are not able to even access other features of QuickBooks
4.) Your system hangs frequently

Reasons QuickBooks won’t Open Company File

The following reasons can be responsible for the “QuickBooks won’t open” issue;
1.) It might be possible that a copy of your system’s files is already present on another computer in a multi-user network.
2.) Secondly, damaged or corrupt files may affect your system.
3.) It could be possible that you are trying to access the file via an invalid method.
4.) Presence of some symbols and unique characters in your company file’s name could also be the reason behind this issue.
5.) An obsolete or outdated QuickBooks software.

You must consider all these points while accessing the QuickBooks company file. You must also check your files constantly to ensure that they are not damaged or corrupt. Then only, you will be able to access the data properly.

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Solutions for QuickBooks Won’t Open Issue

There are many solutions using which you can repair QuickBooks that won’t open errors. The various solutions that can help resolve the issue are as follows;

Solution 1: Suppress the QuickBooks application

Damage or corruption in the company file may prevent it from opening. In this situation, ensure that the QuickBooks application is running properly.

As a consequence, it is important to verify that the company file is working properly before you open the software.
1.) Firstly, after pressing the Ctrl key, click twice on the QuickBooks icon.
2.) Keep pressing the Ctrl key till you see the No Company Open option on the screen, or until it freezes.
3.) Thereafter, click open to see a particular company file.

Solution 2: Switch off the QBW32.exe Process

The first and foremost thing in the solution is to remove the executable file.

1.) First things first, right-click on the Windows Taskbar.
2.) Thereafter, click on the Image name under Processes.
3.) Look for QBW32.EXE and then select it. Lastly, click on End Process to close the program.

QBW32.exe will switch off once you complete the steps. Thereafter, you can click on the company file directly to open it.

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Solution 3: Re-register the QuickBooks Software

Verifying QuickBooks registration:
1.) First, you need to press the F2 key in order to open QuickBooks. As you do this, a product overview page will appear.
2.) Thereafter, check the license number to verify whether QuickBooks has been registered or not.
3.) As you register, you get a message confirming that you are registered now.

When you are not Registered with QuickBooks:

1.)  Firstly, close the product information window. Do this by hitting the OK button.
2.)  Thereafter, choose “Activate QuickBooks” from the Help menu.
3.)  You will get a prompt to validate your details and finish activating your account.

Solution 4: Restart the Desktop

Restarting the system resets the entire system once again. After you have restarted the system, you need to open QuickBooks not open the error once again. You shall be able to access it now. This should solve your QuickBooks not opening error issue.

Solution 5: Rename the Files ending in.ND & .TLG Extensions

  • A lot of users save company file names with long characters exceeding the given or prescribed limit. Subsequently, QuickBooks becomes unable to open them.
  • Thus, the company file should be within the word limit by using the.ND &.TLG extensions. The following steps can help in renaming yours.ND &.TLG extensions;

1.)  Firstly, access the location where you have saved your company file.
2.)  Secondly, rename the files thereby changing the file extension from OLD.qbw.TLG to .TLG by right-clicking on it. The company file extension is the same as the file extension. Similarly, the. ND file names should be renamed in the same way.
3.)  After your company files are accessible, you can now work with them.

Solution 6: Make a Copy of your QuickBooks Company File in Another Location

You need to copy your company file to the local drive on the system where you are working. The above-said can be accomplished by using the QuickBooks File Doctor. Listed below are the steps that will help you;
1.) Firstly, create a blank folder in the C drive.
2.) Secondly, access the company file by opening the folder.
3.) Thereafter, hold down the Ctrl key and choose the company file you want. Also, ensure that the company file you are choosing has.TLG extension.
4.) Consequently, right-click on it and choose Copy option.
5.) Subsequently, you can access the new folder. Right-click and select the Paste option.

Solution 7: Use the Quick Fix My Program Tool.

  • The user is advised to download and install the tool hub initially throughout this process.
  • After that, store the file in a convenient location for access.
  • After completing that, the user must install the tool hub and double-click the icon to complete the process.
  • Now select the Quick Fix My Program tool from the page for program issues and launch it.
  • Run QuickBooks after that to see whether the problem has been fixed.


QuickBooks not opening error is a simple issue that does not need much expert assistance. However, you do not need good directions to resolve such QuickBooks errors.

In this blog, we have tried to assist you in troubleshooting this error, with the help of easy and stepwise solutions. We have also tried to highlight the basic concepts as well as the reasons behind the QuickBooks not opening error issue.

For any further assistance, you can always get in touch with us. Our team of expert professionals leaves no stone unturned to guide you to the right solution.


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