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Latest News and Updates on International Travel

Borntechy is an online news portal that provides the latest information about the current travel situations. The new Omicron variant is drastically gripping everyone in its clutches. This resulted in the cancellation of about 1000 flights in the United States. Due to the surge in Omicron cases globally, International Travel flights are cancelled at a rapid speed. On Sunday evening, more than 1,300 flights with at least one stop in the United States and two times around the globe are cancelled due to the fret of COVID spread.

Due to the uprise in COVID-19 cases, the travel industry has been the worst hit. Since it is festival time, it is considered the busiest travel time on the calendar. This striking track record followed the cancellation of the International Travel Flights Are Canceled on Christmas Day, disrupting the travel plans of many wishing to spend Christmas eve with their families. According to the data shared by Transportation Security Administration only two million people were able to pass through the security checkpoints each day, last week.

Drastic Cancellation of Flights Due To Omicron

World Health Organization recognized the variety B.1.1.529 as a variant of concern. Also known as the Omicron variant, it has been discovered as a more contagious variant but relatively less lethal. This conclusion was derived from the data submitted to the TAG-VE that Omicron covid vaccine tests contain a number of alterations that could affect how it acts. It tells us how severe or contagious the virus really is. The researchers are trying to gather more information on other important aspects of the virus including its transmissibility, severity along with various other factors.

Flights Affected by Omicron Variant

Since the day, World Health Organization gave an official name to the new Covid variant, it has started showing its detrimental effects on the aviation industry. By lunchtime on Sunday, 12 per cent of JetBlue flights, 6% of Delta Air Lines flights, 5% of United Airlines flights, and 2% of American Airlines flights and International Travel flights had been cancelled, as per the FlightAware data.

JetBlue spokesperson mentioned that JetBlue entered the holiday season with a careful staffing level on the onset of the Omicron. International Travel Flights Are Cancelled But, the airline has seen an increasing number of calls related to the new Covid guidelines. “If you meet this criterion and are eligible to return to work after 5 days of isolation, you must otherwise stay at home when not at work and continue to take basic precautions until the end of the standard 10-day isolation period,” New York-based JetBlue stated in an employee memo.

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Restrictions on Travel Because of Covid

With the emergence of the new Coronavirus variant, the number of cases has jumped to new heights. Omicron variant is driving Covid-19 cases to next level highs, with worldwide infections reaching a record million cases per day. While the Cases Break Records as Omicron variant strengthens its grip across the world, there are some countries that have to be extra cautious due to the increased surge.

With the rising cases, the death toll has still not risen at the same pace yet. Bringing home the variant is less lethal, but the cases are rising at an uncountable speed. Some countries like the United States, Germany, and France are growing increasingly worried about the skyrocketing cases. This third wave of COVID-19 is putting additional pressure not only on the health system but also on all the sectors of society.

Amidst the increasing Cases Break Records as Omicron, airlines, schools, and businesses are curbing operations because they lack fit and healthy workers. The government of every country is encouraging people to work remotely and step out of their houses only when extremely necessary.

International Travel Updates

As the previous month mass International Travel flight disruptions occurred at some carriers, airlines offered extra payment to the crews to make them work in peak holiday periods. It was done to achieve the attendance goals. Airlines buckled up their schedules ahead of the holiday to fulfill the higher demand in the festive seasons. However, the thing didn’t roll out as their expectation, and the cancellation of over 1000 Flights Are Cancelled in the United States was major disruption on Christmas eve. Major airlines of the United States were expecting more crowds on the festive week. However, Omicron is causing some serious health concerns around the globe.


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